Ecoflo helps cottage comply with new 2020 wastewater regulations

Febuary 21, 2020

Ecoflo helps cottage comply with new 2020 wastewater regulations


For this particular project, a domestic cottage, Beck Cottage, had issues with their waste water distributing into a nearby stream which did not comply with the new General Binding Rules for small sewage discharge (SSDs). The owner of the cottage contacted Enviroguard Northwest Ltd for recommendations and costings to bring the property waste treatment up to compliance with the new waste discharge legislation (General Binding Rules).


Enviroguard Northwest Ltd are experts in dealing with all aspects of septic tanks and sewage treatment plant installation and looked to Premier Tech Aqua’s products for a solution. Due to limited space and with no option for a traditional soakaway, the Premier Tech Ecoflo Coco Filter system was the obvious choice.



The premier Tech Ecoflo Coco Filter was chosen for this project to bring the level of waste treatment to an acceptable level; the existing septic tank was in good condition and did not need replacing.


The Ecoflo Coco Filter system allowed Enviroguard the opportunity to install a treatment process on the outlet of the existing tank. This provided an ecological treatment process that increased the purity of the discharge to an acceptable level, ensuring the existing outlet into the stream could be maintained.



The Ecoflo Coco Filter system, installed by Enviroguard, has ensured the property is now treating waste to an acceptable level and is not having a negative effect on the local environment.


Trevor Dodgson, contracts manager from Enviroguard, said: “The Premier Tech Ecoflo Coco Filter provided an ideal opportunity to upgrade the existing system at Beck Cottage which was a challenging site with minimum civil works, down time to the client was kept to a minimum and the price was affordable”.


The installation has been inspected by the local building control officer meaning poof of compliance can be demonstrated to potential purchasers if the house is ever sold.


Peter Clarke, home owner of Beck Cottage, said: “The Eco Flo system enabled us to upgrade Premier Techs Aqua’s existing septic tank so it complies with the new regulations on the quality of the discharge and avoided us having to change the whole system. The people from Enviroguard installed the tank and pipework to a very high standard in a very awkward and confined site, leaving the site neat and tidy.”



Are you compliant with the new regulations? Visit our blog for more information and guidance about them here.


Ecoflo Coco Filter sewage treatment plant is the most ecological solution on the market for residential and commercial projects where mains drainage is unavailable. It can be used as a secondary or tertiary treatment unit. For more information about Premier Tech Aqua’s Ecoflo Coco Filter, click here.




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