July 07, 2020

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The Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) Focus group of British Water has accepted the nomination of Evangelos Petropoulos as the group’s Vice-convenor for the next two years. 

British Water’s WWTP Focus Group has been formed to provide input to the continued development of British and European Standards and promote good practice in design, installation and maintenance of package treatment plant.

The Environment Agency, Defra and Natural Resources Wales are proactively involved with this group, which has regular meetings with all the UK regulators.

Dr Evangelos Petropoulos is an expert in the field of wastewater treatment and environmental bio-engineering and biotechnology. He has a PhD in Environmental Engineering from Newcastle University and extensive industrial and academic experience, gained from working in China, Greece, Spain, Nigeria and the UK.

He has conducted significant research and development work into both aerobic and anaerobic wastewater treatment for sufficient removal of organic pollutants and nutrients from municipal and industrial wastewater streams. His research focuses both in the bio-chemical processes as well as the bio-molecular, ecological characteristics that take place in bioengineered treatment systems. Lately he got involved in R&D projects related to solid waste management and crop fertilization strategies (horticulture).

In 2017, Premier Tech Water & Environment based in County Durham, invited Dr Evangelos Petropoulos to join the Leadership team as Senior Technical Engineer. He specializes in the design and construction of packaged water and waste water treatment solutions (up to 10.000 PE) using innovative approaches and actively participates at the global R&D structure of the company (Headquarters at Riviere du Loup, Canada).

Dr Petropoulos focuses on the integration of numerous biochemical/molecular tools to design and develop a world of leading environmental solutions.




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